????????What is GhostWriteHer?  Good question. I am GhostWriteHer and it’s simply a creative business name someone gave me a long time ago. Basically, I’m a ghostwriter.

I get a lot of questions about what GhostWriteHer does, so I thought I’d answer some of those here, right up front.

What’s A Ghostwriter?

Put simply, a Ghostwriter is someone who writes for you.  They do the writing; you put your name on it.  Folks think you wrote it yourself and you can use the copy however you like to promote your business.

A lot of people don’t like to write, feel they can’t write, agonize over writing. . . or all of the above.  Many simply don’t have the time.  No, I won’t write your epic novel. . . or mine either, actually.  But I can write lots of other things for you that will help you effectively market your business.

What Can GhostWriteHer Write For Me?

Articles. Article marketing is a great way to get your name or product out in cyberspace. An article will have your name and business URL on it. When written creatively,  an article can have people clicking over to your business site to see your wares.

You can do a lot with that article. You can get put it on a Facebook business page, pin it to Pinterest, share it on Google+ and much, much more. You can even get your friends to put your article on their site.

There are lots and lots of ways to use articles. They don’t have to be really long either. A 500-word article is short, sweet and to the point.

Blog Posts. Do you write a daily blog? What do you do with it when you go on vacation? What about a family emergency that requires you to be away from home and computer? Unless you have a goodly supply of blogs stored up, you’re going to have to find another way to fill that blog space.

I can write your blog for you during those times.  I will match your writing style. No one will ever know that it was me writing your blog unless you tell them.

Maybe you don’t yet have a blog and everyone’s hounding you to make one.  I can help you get your blogging feet wet.  I can write personal or business blog posts.  If it takes a little research, I can do that, too.

Product Descriptions. Need a way to talk about your products that will entice people to buy?  Maybe the red widget isn’t just a red widget.  Maybe your customers don’t think they need your red widgets.  I’ll do my best to convince them that they DO need red widgets; in fact, that they can’t live without them!

Ad Copy. Need a boffo ad for your product or site, one that will get customers rushing to your web site, clicking all the way?   GhostWriteHer can write that for you or help you write one of your own. . . your choice.  You supply the basic info and GhostWriteHer  will craft the perfect ad for you.

Press Releases.  Do you market offline as well as online?  Do you need a media-specific announcement of your new business or product?  I’ll write that for you, too.  After answering only a few questions, you’ll have a press release you can use for local marketing.  (Press Release submission coming soon. . . stay tuned!)

Website Copy. Are you staring at your brand spankin’ new web site, and the those pages are staying back at you empty?  Tell me all about your business, your dreams, your passions, your most excellent offerings and what makes you special.  I’ll roll that all together into a presentation that makes your web site uniquely yours.

Those are the basics of writing. Proofreading and Editing are also available. Check out the tab GWH Edits at the top.

Have a Special Request?

Email me and we’ll set up a time for a phone conference. Your wish is my command.

What GhostWriteHer Will NOT Write

  1. Your Great American Novel.  I’m way too ADHD for that!  LOL (Please feel free to talk to me about a “short” e-book, though.)
  2. Papers for students.  I used to teach. Please don’t ask. I help students clarify, strengthen and focus their writing, but I will not write for them.
  3. Anything I consider objectionable.  I reserve the right to refuse requests that conflict with my morals and beliefs

Contact GhostWriteHer

I’m really easy to find. Just fill out the form in the right-hand sidebar or email me directly.

If you’d like to know more about me, click the About Me tab at the top.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

So when you need business promotional writing or editing services, who ya gonna call? GhostWriteHer, of course!  (Sorry, I just can’t resist using that line. . . :))

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